Business Intelligence

Answering real questions.

Online Insight Business Intelligence monitors and measures a health plan’s organizational performance in relation to its strategic goals.

Behind every good report is a good backend.

Normal production databases are optimized for user activity, but reporting is slow and limited by data structure. The Business Intelligence module eliminates this issue for health insurance carriers with a dedicated OLAP data warehouse.  Our backend provides fast reports and easy access to combined data from multiple sources. We clean data with ETL processing to ensure standardized, accurate data. Our data experts curate meaningful data for analysis with BI-ready data sources.

Your organizational performance at a glance.

Our BI Dashboard is a suite of interactive, visual reports for healthcare payers. We have leveraged our industry knowledge to create a set of explorable workbooks that provide easy access to actionable information on enrollment, member demographics, billing, commissions and agent activity. For example:

  • How is open enrollment going?
  • What does the agent pipeline look like?
  • Are different plans popular in different parts of a state?

No third-party license is required. Simply access the dashboards through your web browser or with the free Tableau Viewer.

Take full control of your analysis.

For those with Tableau expertise, we also offer fully customizable Tableau reporting for health insurance carriers. Our team has done the hard work structuring and formatting the data for end-user consumption. Dashboards and workbooks can be edited in place or downloaded to Tableau Workbook. Our Online Insight analytic experts are available for complex calculations, custom reports, training & support.

Tailored for your data needs.

Knowing that every client has different data analysis needs and resources, we offer a full array of options and can tailor a solution for your organization. Optional features and services include:

  • Access to real-time data sources
  • Ability to publish self-created workbooks to share with co-workers
  • Backend customizations
  • Dashboard customizations
  • Training and consulting