Trust your member data again.

Online Insight Eligibility unlocks trapped revenue for health plans and eliminates unnecessary claims payments by enabling confidence in your membership eligibility.

Struggling with unreliable transactions?

If you’re a health insurance carrier, you need accurate eligibility transactions. But problems arise – member data can be invalid, out-of-date, or even fail to transmit, leading to poor customer service, unbilled premiums or payment of ineligible claims.

Control your data.

Online Insight Eligibility is the first solution to give healthcare payers a true single-window view into all members and protect health plan systems from bad eligibility data. Incoming transaction files are quickly validated, archived, and transformed. Online Insight Eligibility immediately identifies bad data then corrects the problem or generates an alert so that a human can analyze.

Stop reacting and be proactive.

Your team can access each member’s demographic and transactional history in a modern, easy-to-use dashboard. Update member data and control what gets sent downstream.

It’s time to stop wasting valuable time searching for the root cause of problems and painstakingly using limited options to correct them.

Online Insight speeds your processes, ensures billing for all premiums, eliminates invalid claim payments and keeps your customers happy.


Full management console or just back-end services.