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Online Insight Platform

The Online Insight platform accelerates revenues with increased enrollment, streamlined billing and accurate eligibility while decreasing costs of service and reducing claims payments.

Our modern, e-retail experience serves the entire life cycle of your online sales – from guided shopping and enrollment through member maintenance and billing. Online Insight is ready to deploy as a single market storefront or as your private exchange.


Online Insight Eligibility unlocks trapped revenue and eliminates unnecessary claims payments by enabling confidence in your membership eligibility.

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Online Insight Enrollment increases revenues with direct consumer and broker enrollments while lowering costs and improving the customer experience with member self service tools.

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Online Insight Billing captures additional premiums by making it easier to pay the correct bill the first time while lowering support costs and improving customer experience.

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Online Insight Commissions reduces the costs of administering broker commissions while incentivizing broker sales.

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Business Intelligence

Online Insight Business Intelligence answers the business questions required to plan and budget.

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